API documentation for awesome, a highly configurable X window manager (version ).

Welcome to the documentation for the awesome window manager. Below you find an overview of the individual parts which links to the full documentation.

If you are a new user, you may want to read 07-my-first-awesome.md to get started. In 05-awesomerc.md, the default configuration is explained.

If you already used awesome in the past, 89-NEWS.md and 17-porting-tips.md should be useful for you.


awesome awesome core API
awful.client This module documentation has been merged with the client class.
awful.completion Completion module.
awful.ewmh Implements EWMH requests handling.
awful.hotkeys_popup Popup widget which shows current hotkeys and their descriptions.
awful.hotkeys_popup.widget Popup widget which shows current hotkeys and their descriptions.
awful.key Create easily new key objects ignoring certain modifiers.
awful.layout Layout module for awful
awful.menu A menu for awful
awful.mouse This module documentation has been merged with the mouse class.
awful.placement Algorithms used to place various drawables.
awful.prompt Prompt module for awful.
awful.rules Rules for clients.
awful.screen This module documentation has been merged with the screen class.
awful.spawn Spawning of programs.
awful.tag This module documentation has been merged with the tag class.
awful.util Utility module for awful
awful.wibox This module is deprecated and has been renamed to awful.wibar
beautiful Theme library.
beautiful.gtk Querying current GTK+ 3 theme via GtkStyleContext.
dbus awesome D-Bus API
gears.color This module simplifies the creation of cairo pattern objects.
gears.filesystem Filesystem module for gears
gears.geometry Helper functions used to compute geometries.
gears.math Math module for gears
gears.shape Module dedicated to gather common shape painters.
gears.sort Extra sorting algorithms.
gears.string String module for gears
gears.table Table module for gears
gears.wallpaper Functions for setting the wallpaper.
menubar Menubar module, which aims to provide a freedesktop menu alternative
menubar.menu_gen Menu generation module for menubar
menubar.utils Utility module for menubar
mouse awesome mouse API.
mousegrabber awesome mousegrabber API
naughty Notification library
naughty.dbus DBUS/Notification support Notify
root awesome root window API
selection awesome selection (clipboard) API
wibox.hierarchy Management of widget hierarchies.

Sample files

rc.lua The default rc.lua file.
theme.lua The default theme file.


awful.button Create easily new buttons objects ignoring certain modifiers.
awful.keygrabber A keyboard grabbing and transaction object.
awful.popup An auto-resized, free floating or modal wibox built around a widget.
awful.titlebar Titlebars for awful.
awful.tooltip Tooltip module for awesome objects.
awful.wibar Wibox module for awful.
awful.widget.button A simple button widget.
awful.widget.calendar_popup A calendar popup wibox

Display a month or year calendar popup using calendar_popup.month or calendar_popup.year.

awful.widget.clienticon Container showing the icon of a client.
awful.widget.layoutbox Layoutbox widget.
awful.widget.layoutlist Display the available client layouts for a screen.
awful.widget.only_on_screen A container that makes a widget display only on a specified screen.
awful.widget.prompt The widget version of awful.prompt.
awful.widget.taglist Taglist widget module for awful

Here is a more advanced example of how to extent the taglist.

awful.widget.tasklist Tasklist widget module for awful.
awful.widget.textclock This widget has moved to wibox.widget.textclock
awful.widget.watch Watch widget.
button awesome button API

Furthermore to the classes described here, one can also use signals as described in signals.

client A process window.
drawable awesome drawable API
gears.matrix An implementation of matrices for describing and working with affine transformations.
gears.object The object oriented programming base class used by various Awesome widgets and components.
gears.timer Timer objects and functions.
key awesome key API

Furthermore to the classes described here, one can also use signals as described in signals.

menubar.icon_theme (Deprecated) class module for icon lookup for menubar
menubar.index_theme (Deprecated) class module for parsing an index.theme file
screen awesome screen API

Screen objects can be added and removed over time.

signals Handling of signals.
tag awesome tag API

Furthermore to the classes described here, one can also use signals as described in signals.

wibox.container.arcchart A circular chart (arc chart).
wibox.container.background A container capable of changing the background color, foreground color widget shape.
wibox.container.place A container used to place smaller widgets into larger space.
wibox.container.radialprogressbar A circular progressbar wrapper.
wibox.container.rotate A container rotating the conained widget by 90 degrees.
wibox.container.scroll This container scrolls its inner widget inside of the available space.
wibox.drawable Handling of drawables.
wibox.layout.grid A grid layout.
wibox.layout.manual A layout with widgets added at specific positions.
wibox.layout.ratio A layout filling all the available space.
wibox.layout.stack A stacked layout.
wibox.widget.calendar A calendar widget

This module defines two widgets: a month calendar and a year calendar

The two widgets have a date property, in the form of a table {day=[number|nil], month=[number|nil], year=[number]}.

wibox.widget.checkbox A boolean display widget.
wibox.widget.graph A graph widget.
wibox.widget.piechart Display percentage in a circle.
wibox.widget.progressbar A progressbar widget.
wibox.widget.separator A flexible separator widget.
wibox.widget.slider An interactive mouse based slider widget.
wibox.widget.textclock Text clock widget.
xproperties Handling of X properties.


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