MPD integration

This page describes an integration with the Music Player Daemon. This consists of two parts: A pure Lua library for talking to mpc and an example on how to use this for a widget with awesome.

The library

The library provides a function that creates a new object representing a connection to MPD. It can be used as follows:

local connection = require("mpc").new(host, port, password, error_handler, idle_commands...)

This will establish a TCP connection to the given host and port and, if a password is given, log in to the MPD server. Whenever an error happens (for example the connection is lost or the password is rejected), the given error handler function is called with the error as its argument. The next time the connection is used, an automatic reconnection is attempted.

A description of the MPD protocol can be found here. This library only provides low-level access to the protocol. However, special support for the idle command is provided via extra arguments to the new function. This will be made clear in an example below.

For example, to get information about the currently playing song:

connection:send("currentsong", function(success, data)
    if not success then print("command failed") end
    print("Information about the current song:")

A sample widget

The following keeps a textbox up-to-date with the MPD status. It automatically updates when the current MPD state changes.

local mpc = require("mpc")
local textbox = require("wibox.widget.textbox")
local timer = require("gears.timer")
local mpd_widget = textbox()
local state, title, artist, file = "stop", "", "", ""
local function update_widget()
    local text = "Current MPD status: "
    text = text .. tostring(artist or "") .. " - " .. tostring(title or "")
    if state == "pause" then
        text = text .. " (paused)"
    if state == "stop" then
        text = text .. " (stopped)"
    mpd_widget.text = text
local connection
local function error_handler(err)
    mpd_widget:set_text("Error: " .. tostring(err))
    -- Try a reconnect soon-ish
    timer.start_new(10, function()
connection =, nil, nil, error_handler,
    "status", function(_, result)
        state = result.state
    "currentsong", function(_, result)
        title, artist, file = result.title, result.artist, result.file

If you actually want to be able to control MPD's behaviour, you could for example do the following to pause/unpause when clicking on the widget:

mpd_widget:buttons(awful.button({}, 1, function() connection:toggle_play() end))