awesome has an active and growing community.


You can join us in the #awesome channel on the OFTC IRC network.

IRC Webchat

Stack Overflow

You can ask questions on Stack Overflow.


You can join the (non official) awesome community on the discord server invite.


We also have an awesomewm subreddit where you can share your work and ask questions.


Awesome is developed on GitHub. You can follow (watch) us there, contribute to our decision making and help triage issues. Also pull requests and issues are welcome there.

This web page also is on GitHub and can be changed via pull requests. To locally test your changes, the web page can be built with make. For this, you need to have ikiwiki installed.

You can also browse GitHub repositories tagged with awesomewm. To find inspiration or snippets of code. Feel welcome to tag your own config so other users can discover it.

Old mailing list (now closed)

Old wiki

The old wiki has been shut down, but can be still viewed at


See our GitHub page