awesome is currently available in:

Repology provides a comprehensive overview of which version of awesome is included in which distribution.

Distributions using Awesome as the default window manager

Building from Source

We strongly recommend using the awesome package of your distribution.

This is because many people who tried to build from source had problems. LGI, one of awesome's dependencies, currently hardcodes the package search path used by Lua 5.1. Part of the reason for this is that Lua upstream intends Lua to be embedded, which means that detecting an installed Lua version properly is not easy.

After installing awesome, you can check if you are affected by this problem by running awesome -v. If an error message is displayed instead of LGI version's number, you are likely affected.


Latest stable version of awesome is version 4.3 (Too long) released on 28 January 2019.

Old stable

This branch of awesome is deprecated.

Latest old stable version of awesome is version 3.5.9 (Mighty Ravendark) released on 6 March 2016.


The Git repository can be cloned from Github:

git clone

Alternatively, development versions can be downloaded as ZIP files through the Github web interface.


A list of of old releases is available here.