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Revelation is deprecated. The repository listed here may be deleted at any time.

Update, 02.01.2014 : Revelation was revived and modified for awesome 3.5 or later.

you can find the source codes here: Welcome everyone to try it and give feedbacks, if you are interested.

The details about changes, installation and configuration of the new revelation can be found here:

Original revelation:


Revelation provides a method to quickly view all open clients, then select and focus one. When the module is called all clients are merged on the current tag and set to a fair layout. The user can then select a client to focus and that client's current tag will be selected and the client focused.

This aims to be similar to Mac OS X's Expose.

Revelation was part of awesome's core for a while, but then removed. It has subsequently been maintained (somewhat haphazardly :P) by the community.

You find the source here:


1. Clone repository into your configuration path:

   git clone https:[email protected]/bioe007/awesome-revelation.git ~/.config/awesome/revelation

2. To load the module in your rc.lua, put this near the top:


3. Make a global keybinding for revelation, add this line

   awful.key({modkey}, "e", revelation)


   globalkeys = awful.util.table.join(
       awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Left",   awful.tag.viewprev       ),
       awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Right",  awful.tag.viewnext       ),
       awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Escape", awful.tag.history.restore),

NOTE: Double check this key binding syntax against the version of awesome that you are using.

4. Reload rc.lua and try the keybinding(Push mod4 + e).

It should bring all clients to the current tag and set the layout to fair. You can focus clients with cursor or hjkl keys then press Enter to select or Escape to abort.


  • Perry Hargrave [email protected]
  • Espen Wiborg [email protected]
  • Julien Danjou [email protected]


(c) 2008 Espen Wiborg, Julien Danjou


Revelation in action