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Nice Icons

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Sm4tik icons

You can convert original XBM bitmaps to other formats to suit your needs, in several ways with ImageMagick tools:

 for x in *; do convert "${x}" "${x%.*}.png"; done

Note that you can resize them, for example :

 for x in *; do convert -resize 16x16 "${x}" "${x%.*}.png"; done

Or, if you want to keep the icon the same size and increase the surrounding buffer (in order to stop the icon from automatically resizing garishly) consider the following (for a 20x20 png. note the 40x40 - this just creates a large buffer then crops with centred gravity to the desired size.):

 for x in *.xbm; do convert -bordercolor transparent -border 40x40 -gravity center -crop 20x20+0+0 "${x}" "${x%.*}.png"; done

If you want them in a specific color, you may try something like this:

 for x in *.xbm; do convert -fill "$REQUIRED_COLOR" -opaque "$ICON_COLOR" "${x}" "${x%.*}.png"; done

Pixel Style icons

  • Another good set of icons that match and supplement sm4tik's icons from dzen is Pixel Style pack (released under a free licence and free to use in any kind of project).

Blockie icons

  • Yet another good set of (16x16px) icons, Blockie icons are free for personal use.

Pinvoke icons

  • Pinvoke released amazing sets of mini icons under a CC license. Unlike previous sets these are not minimalist icons but a very colorful bunch, including thousands of icons from 16x16 to 8x8 pixels in size.

Small awesome icons

  • Some people use very small statusbars (14px or even smaller) and original layout icons don't scale so well to those sizes. For that reason I created a few sets of small icons (14px and smaller) for layouts and tags. You will also find a set of matching titlebar icons in there, to be used with recent versions of Awesome:
  • If you do not find the exact size for your wibox, you can use this awesome icons generator. It generates layouts icons inspired from anrxc ones. You can see a sample of generated icons at my corresponding blog entry.