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MPD Widgets

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This page provides a basic overview of existing widgets for MPD (Music Player Daemon). Each widget comes with a short description, last update date, a screenshot and a link to the main article.

User contributed widgets[edit]


Last update: 07.12.2011

Awesompd plays a Jamendo stream and displays notification

Awesompd is a mature and highly-functional MPD widget. It provides interaction with MPD server through mpc. Main features:

  • playback control, scrolling text, notifications, changing servers, album covers display
  • Jamendo support: music search, Top 100, changeable stream format (MP3 or OGG)

kAworu MPD Widget[edit]

Last update: 10.04.2010

kAworu MPD Widget on the wibox

This is more like a framework for creating MPD widgets. It uses luasocket library to communicate with MPD server and provides basic requests to the server that you can use in building your MPD widget.

  • Depends only on luasocket (doesn't use mpc/netcat/telnet).
  • May be hard for new users because it lacks a basic working example to start off with.

Antel MPD-Ruby[edit]

Last update: 05.01.2009

Antel MPD-Ruby widget on the wibox

A simple and light MPD widget based on the librmpd library.

  • Depends only on librmpd (doesn't use mpc/netcat/telnet)
  • Requires ruby and rubygem to be installed.

Jaenbon's MPD widget[edit]

Last update: 18.04.2010

Jaenbon's MPD widget on the wibox

A very simple widget that depends on mpc and a bash-script.

  • Requires only mpc and a start-up script to work.
  • Scrolls the long texts.

Library widgets[edit]


vicious.widgets.mpd on the wibox

Vicious library provides a lightweight MPD widget by the widget type vicious.widgets.mpd.

  • Stable and very easy to install
  • Configurable output format


obvious.basic_mpd on the wibox with length set to 50

Obvious offers users a pretty simple widget that can display MPD information. Also you can define your bindings to control the playback.

  • Stable and very easy to install
  • Configurable output format


mpd bashet on the wibox (screenshot by Zhuravlik)

Bashets library uses the concept of delegating all widget work to shell scripts and then just displaying their output. MPD bashet requires mpc to work.

  • Very easy to install
  • No need in lua knowledge to configure - you can just edit the shell script