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Dynamic tagging[edit]

This extension is unnecessary as the same behaviour can be achieved with default awesome installation by changing the filter function when creating awful.widget.taglist.

Possible filter functions:

  • awful.widget.taglist.filter.all - show all tags
  • awful.widget.taglist.filter.noempty - show only non-empty tags
  • awful.widget.taglist.filter.selected - show only selected tags

To change the default behaviour and only show tags with more than one client make the following change in your rc.lua:

From this:

mytaglist[s] = awful.widget.taglist(s, awful.widget.taglist.filter.all, mytaglist.buttons)

to this:

mytaglist[s] = awful.widget.taglist(s, awful.widget.taglist.filter.noempty, mytaglist.buttons)


Eminent is a small lua library that monkey-patches awful to provide you with effortless and quick wmii-style dynamic tagging. Unlike shifty, eminent does not aim to provide a comprehensive tagging system, but tries to make dynamic tagging as simple as possible. In fact, besides importing the eminent library, you do not have to change your rc.lua at all, eminent does all the work for you.

Getting Eminent[edit]

Arch Linux[edit]

If you are using Arch Linux, a PKGBUILD is already available over at the aur, get it here:

Gentoo Linux[edit]

A gentoo package is available here eminent-9999.ebuild.


For awesome 3.4

If you are not using Arch or would like to fetch the library separately, you can fetch it from the git repository at

Install it manually as such:

git clone git://
cp eminent/eminent.lua ~/.config/awesome/

For awesome 3.5

You could try:

git clone
cp eminent/eminent.lua ~/.config/awesome/

Setting Up Eminent[edit]

Setting up eminent is as simple as adding require("eminent") to the top of your rc.lua, after including awful.

You don't need to change anything else in your rc.lua. If something does go wrong (awesome is so versatile one can't possible test every setup), don't hesitate to send an email to [email protected] with your bug report.

Using Eminent[edit]

Use your awesome installation the same way you always did. You'll notice that any tags that have no clients on them are automatically hidden. Moving to the next tag after the last one will "create" (either re-use an existing but empty tag or actually create a new one dynamically) a new tag for you to use.

If you have any bindings set up on your number keys you should be able to use those to jump to a specific tag irregardless of what eminent thinks.

Happy tagging !