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Screenshot showing Delightful in action
Another screenshot of Delightful

Delightful widgets for Awesome[edit]

This is Delightful, a set of widgets for Awesome window manager.


Why another widget system for Awesome, you ask? We already have Vicious, Wicked, Obvious, and many others.


That is a valid question, let me try elaborating why Delightful was created.

Shiny colors[edit]

Your average Awesome widget is quite dull. Some might consider that a feature. In this case, Delightful is probably not for you. Delightful try to add some “bling” to the widgets. Not un-needed “bling” but something useful. Many Delightful widgets provide a dynamically updated icon along with the widget text. The icon might indicate the sound volume or battery level. Some of the widgets use Naughty based pop-ups and notifications to provide useful, additional information that doesn’t fit the Awesome wibox. Tooltips are used always when it makes sense.

You might find Delightful widgets to have resemblance to some of the popular GNOME applets. This is not coincidental. Whether you find it a good or bad thing is up to you.


Delightful widgets are also very configurable outside of the widget code. Besides usual configurable attributes, such as location where to display weather information or which network devices to exclude from monitoring, you also can tinker about every widget parameter, such as the widget update interval, from your Awesome rc.lua without having to edit the widget code. See the configuration section below for more information about configuring Delightful widgets and the themeing section about changing widget’s appearance.

Leveraging existing functionality[edit]

Delightful doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel. Widgets depend heavily on Vicious widget library. A few of the widgets just extend an existing Vicious widget by providing an icon and widget data display configuration for the Vicious widget used under the hoods. Some of the widgets provide features not available in existing Vicious widgets by implementing the Vicious widget interface and then add “the bling” on top of that.

Included widgets[edit]

Delightful features the following widgets.

Battery widget[edit]

delightful.widget.battery shows a battery indicator as an icon and a progress bar. Extends vicious.widgets.bat Vicious widget.

CPU widget[edit]

delightful.widget.cpu displays horizontal usage trend graph of all the CPUs combined. Extends vicious.widgets.cpu Vicious widget.

Date and time widget[edit]

Shows current date and time. When mouse cursor hovers over the widget, calendar is displayed as a popup. You can navigate between months by using mouse scroll wheel.

IMAP widget[edit]

delightful.widget.imap monitors one or more IMAP accounts for incoming messages. Multiple mailboxes can be monitored on each account. Number of unread messages in each monitored mailbox is displayed in the widget. When new mail arrives in one of the monitored mailboxes, some details about the message is shown in a popup. When mouse cursor hovers over the widget, details about each mailbox is shown in a popup. Widget icon indicates the status whether there are some unread mail in the monitored mailboxes. The IMAP widget implements the Vicious widget interface.

Memory widget[edit]

delightful.widget.memory displays a progress bar indicating current memory and swap usage. Extends vicious.widgets.mem Vicious widget.

Network widget[edit] displays download and upload speeds of selected network devices of the system. An icon indicates the type of the device (wired, wireless or dialup). Extends Vicious widget.

PulseAudio widget[edit]

delightful.widget.pulseaudio shows a PulseAudio mixer indicator as an icon and a progress bar. Mouse clicks and scroll wheel actions can used to perform various mixer-related functions such as muting the device and turn volume up and down. PulseAudio widget implements the Vicious widget interface.

Weather widget[edit] monitors weather status of given locations. Widget displays current temperature and an icon indicating the current weather condition. Icon is updated dynamically according to the weather and time changes. If the weather is clear, the icon indicates whether it’s day or night in the monitored location. When mouse cursor hovers over the widget, details about the weather is shown in a popup. Weather widget implements the Vicious widget interface.

Downloading, installing, configuring, customizing and using Delightful[edit]

I'm not going to copy & paste and convert from MarkDown markup to MediaWiki markup the whole Delightful README here so you need to continue reading at Thanks.